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Hawaii fishing charters on the Big Island of Hawaii in Kona. Over 40 years of big game charter fishing experience in Kona Hawaii
Plenty of white sand, and the most amazing blue water! Great for body boarding, snorkeling or just playing in the water.
Hawaii fishing charters on the Big Island of Hawaii in Kona. Over 40 years of big game charter fishing experience in Kona Hawaii
The beautiful palace has an interesting history, as do the Polynesians of Hawaii.
Step back in time to an authentic living history experience where historical sites present you with a vivid and unforgettable story of Hawai’i's past.
At 13,796 feet, this peak offers an incredible view of lava, desert, the valley and Mauna Loa.
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Hawaiian Taxicab providing the Kailua Kona area with taxi service 24/7.

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Hawaiian Taxicab’s mission is to provide local residents, frequent guests, and new visitors to the Big Island of Hawai’i with access to taxicabs, commuter van services, delivery services, and educational-recreational tours that are safe, reliable, environmentally friendly, professional, and customer service-oriented.

All of our taxicabs are clean, comfortable late model sedans and minivans. The exteriors, interiors, and mechanisms of our taxicabs are maintained on a regular basis. They operate with full-functioning air conditioning, seat belts, GPS, and appropriately-tinted windows.

All of our dispatchers speak English fluently, and they exhibit high standards of cordiality and professionalism.

All of our drivers have clean driving and criminal records. They conduct themselves with high levels of respect, amicability, and professionalism towards all clients. Fluent in English and knowledgeable about the geography, traffic, and recreational sites and activities of the Big Island of Hawai’i, they are ready to answer any questions that clients may have. They are all independent contractors.

Hawaiian Taxicab accepts both cash and credit card payments. We offer courtesy calls and are open to
driving to multiple destinations to further ensure the reliability and convenience of our service. We
encourage and accommodate service-level agreements, group discounts, and corporate accounts.
Clients who wish to acquire a reliable, convenient, and routine taxicab service can establish a
corporate or a personal charge account with our company, and will be provided with an
itemized monthly billing.

In order to ensure that clients are provided with only the best customer service,
phone calls may be recorded.

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