Going on a vacation can be exhausting

The long hours of waiting prior to boarding, excessive baggage fees, multiple levels of TSA, and burden of luggages and carry-ons can all fuel stress. Why not ride one of our taxicabs?

As the most convenient transportation to and from the airport, Hawaiian Taxicab will pick clients up and drop them off directly to their desired destination without picking other passengers up along the way. Clients' travel and wait time will be minimized, luggages and carry-ons transported for them.

As the most cost-effective transportation to and from the airport, we will charge multiple passengers for the price of ONE, unlike shuttle services that charge per person!

All of our clients have the option of scheduling a future appointment or calling for immediate service.

Hawaiian Taxicab providing the Kailua Kona area with taxi service 24/7.

Kona, Hawaii Island

Every passenger who travels through Kona International Airport should expect to be treated with Aloha. Visitor Information staff are available from 7:45 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily to assist travelers with questions, comments or concerns. Information desks are located throughout the airport. If you need assistance and the desks are not staffed, you can call (808) 329-3423.